Hökerum Bygg in brief

A construction company with attention to detail!

We are a local company well established in our roots. We put simplicity, the very best of raw materials and repetition, together with creativity and a splash courage to create a perfect mix. We sometimes referee to our self’s as chefs and to satisfy the guest, our customers, we need the best chefs in town. We set pride in that everyone should enjoy the whole process, from the cooking to the finalized dinner.

We are constantly combining knowledge with passion and within our team we possess a broad set of skills so we have what it takes to build in our way, the best way for our customers. 

The team starting line includes, procurers, economists, project managers and more, where everyone are masters at their own craft. They are also great team players so each and every one can help, contribute and collaborate in the best possible way. 
We all enjoy going to work every day, that’s what makes a great team. And we are positive that it shows on the final product, in the 500-700 apartments that we produce every year.


Safe Construction

Our customers can always feel safe with the end product, their new home. To make it easier for us and for our customer we have an internal standard in which we set much pride. It is called “Safe Construction” and is a standard that stands for among other values quality and safety. 

During construction

A risk analysis and a framework description is conducted early in the process of a new project. We don’t leave no stone unturned and our entire team looks at the project from each perspective. To have a team with such differences and broad competences gives us and our customers a competitive advantage in form of a safer, more stable and risk adverse project. In our main office the walls are filled with certifications from all our co-workers, which shows that they, as individuals, have promised to uphold the values that are associated with “Safe Construction”. 

For the customer

To get in early and be a part of a newly developed co-operative apartment (bostadsrätt) is a process. We are very careful and set pride in the promises that we make and it is of great importance to involve our customers and keep them informed about what is happening during the construction of the project. We promise that the customer will have the opportunity to visit their apartment during the construction combined with newsletter about the project. We also give all our customers the opportunity to customize the interior design and change fixtures to their liking. 

Hökerum Bygg also commits to the housing co-operative that we will, if necessary, buy all unsold apartments until a new buyer is found. 

We also pledge the we will compensate for all our carbon offsetting for each and every apartment that we produce.



It may be a buzz-word, but we really hope and believe that sustainability is here to stay.

We take the issue of sustainability very serious, at our main office we pre-separate at source, and always promote a public form of transportation for our business trips. These are values that we try to pass on to our customers, and we do everything in our power to make it easy to do so. 

Often our projects include large store rooms for bikes, we make it easy to pre-separate at source and some projects even include solar panels as a complementary energy source. Many small pieces eventually transform to a big block. We are proud of what we produce and want you as a customer to feel the same way. 

We are also very proud to be the first Swedish construction company to be nominated to Breeam Awards, one of the most esteemed environmental certifications there is. We are nominated for our efforts to compensate for our carbon offset, through projects in India and Zimbabwe.

To buy a co-operative apartment (Bostadsrätt)

To buy an apartment is a large and important piece of business that most people don’t do many times in their life’s. But, it is important that it also is a fun and including experience. Since housing co-operative is a bit special we have collected information and tips of what you should know, before, during and after you have become an owner of a co-operative apartment. 

What is a co-operative apartment (Bostadsrätt)?

A co-operative apartment is ownership of the right to use and live in a apartment during an unrestricted time period through a share and membership in a housing co-operative (bostadsrätts förening) that owns the property.

1 - Declaration of interest
Before and during a new project we are inviting you to different information meetings. If the project is of interests to you, a formal declaration of interest is submitted. 

2 - Sale start
The real-estate agent that is responsible for your project of interest will inform you about how the sales process will work for that individual project. It can differ somewhat depending on in which stage the project is in when the sale starts. 

3 - Preliminary agreement
If a formal economic plan for the housing cooperation is not formalized when you have decided upon an apartment you will sign a preliminary agreement. You will then pay an advance of normally SEK 25 000. The agreement is binding for both parts. When the construction work starts you will transfer 10 % of the final purchasing price, excluding the SEK 25 000 you already payed. 

4 - Interior design
A big pro of buying a co-operative apartment early before or during the construction of the property is that you will have the opportunity to decide, change and influence how your final apartment will look like. Of course all our apartments come in a high standard fully equipped, however we always give you the opportunity to give your apartment a personal touch. 

5 - Visit the construction site
During the construction time you will normally be invited to see the site 3 times. Due to safety reasons we cannot accommodate unplanned visits. 

6 - Inspection
A few weeks before you will move in you will be invited to participate in a final inspection of your apartment. Attendees during the inspection are representatives from Hökerum Bygg together with an independent inspector that will inspect the entire apartment for eventual deficiencies and shortcomings. We will then do our best to corrected these eventual shortcomings before you move in. 

7 - Contract of sale
In connection with you getting access to your new apartment the previous preliminary agreement will be replaced with a new contract of sale. This is done after a economic plan is formalized for the housing co-operation which will guarantee that your purchasing price will not change and that your apartment will be formed to your specifications.

8 - Moving in
Before you will get access to your new apartment we will contact you ahead to plan the day of your moving in. We normally plan so that only one apartment per floorplan will move in each day to minimize traffic and elevator time. During the day you will also meet a representative from Hökerum Bygg that will show you around the other facilities on the property. 

9 - Handover of the housing co-operative (Bostadsrätts förening)
A couple of months after you have moved in a shareholders meeting will be held where the first main task is to elect a nominating comity. After another 6-8 weeks a new shareholders meeting will be held with the purpose of electing a board for the housing co-operation. If you feel that being a board member is of interest, you should inform the nominating comity. 

10 - Warranty inspections
During the warranty time of 5 years there will be a warranty inspection, normally after 2 years. After the inspection all eventual issues will be fixed and after that the housing co-operation will resume full responsibility of the property in its entirety. 

11 - Liability time
Hökerum Bygg still has a liability time from year 6-10 and are responsible for eventual hidden issues that could have been caused by carelessness during the construction of the property. This is however not a liability for issues caused be wear, tear or mishandling.  


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